We respect our customers and prefer that they be informed about the tanning process to ensure the best tanning experience possible. We therefore offer these tips for a safe, healthy tan ...  

When you first start tanning, you should tan for shorter session times and come in every other day increasing your session time slowly to insure that you do not burn.

Indoor tanning lotions are specifically formulated to help your skin attract U.V. light. When you use a lotion you can get 40% darker, your tan lasts longer, and you look tanner.

DO NOT USE outdoor tanning lotions or oils in a tanning bed. You may use sunscreen on any area of your body that you do not wish to tan such as lips, scars, tattoos, etc.

Once you have achieved the color you want, usually tanning 1-2 times per week is sufficient to maintain your color.

If you tan for too long or too often, an allergic reaction of redness or itching may result. If this happens, do not tan until your skin returns to normal. To relieve the discomfort usually an antihistamine (like Benadryl) works. Once you start tanning again, tan for less time and space your sessions further apart.


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